The scene and the characters are located in a plane that flies by "La Querida" Airlines, an airline as singular as anachronistic, with ridiculous elegance and onboard services out of the ordinary! On "La Querida" airlines the hostesses are the guiding characters of this "work-flight". And the common thread, are the "special" services and standards of this trip. As the show progresses, the public will be able to discover the curious personalities of these two hostesses, who will gradually reveal their hidden qualities behind the formalities of this very helpful office. Little by little they get tired of following the rules and being under the orders of the voice-over that sends them, to the point that they reveal themselves and lead a revolution. The work will be crossed by the incongruity of a formal social appearance and the play between the real and the feigned. Starting point for the development of a humorous language that marks the style of the whole work, and that exposes the potential of each character and interaction between them.


 Data sheet:

Dimensions of the presentation space: 7 m. wide x 6 m. Smooth floor surface: wood, asphalt (without inclination)  PC Connection, Dressing room for two people

Technical assembly planning : 

1 hour rehursal in the presentation space: 1 hour Representation: 45-50min. Disassembly: 30 min