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Between turn and turn the skirt opens ... the carpets open and the looks appear ... To gradually discover the game proposed by a woman on stage. She invites with her eyes, integrating the public into a moment of play ... to search for angles, balances and turns. “... looking for the look at me nobody beats me; I look for you, and if I find you… ”





Rueda Cyr

Through turns and balances, a movement dialogue develops between a woman and a wheel ... Who influences the movement of the other? ... Who supports? ... Who holds to the other?

Duration :6 min
Space needed : 7x7m 


Upa Chalupa!!!

In a place of secret corners and boxes full of surprises, a young woman goes to meet her playmate.. While she is waiting a song begins but that is interrupted by a mysterious figure in a box ... Is her friend who was hiding to surprise her and start the game of sharing an imaginary and unique world create by both together. With their differences they find the perfect complement ... one organizes the other moves, one prepares and the other plays. .

Two characters of opposite personalities that interact with wit and complicity played by two women, circus performers, creating the illusion of a magical world full of games to change the stage area from head to toe, and giving to the work a surprising and mysterious rhythm, and through technical juggling, magic, impersonation, theater, acrobatics and Cyr wheel, will captivate and thrill children and adults of all languages and cultures.

Work of contemporary circus duo, suitable for all viewers without spoken text and achievable in street or theatre.



Antipodism, “Quick Change”, Cyr wheel and acrobatic gymnasts.

Original concept

La Querida Company

Directed by

La Querida Company


Antonia González

Amanda Wilson

Artistic consultant

Fabrizzio Rosselli


La Querida Company

Image consultant

Erika Perotti

Show suitable for all audiences


2nd December 2014 at the “El Otto”Arts Place

Barcelona, Spain.